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Life Matters
Gleaned from more than 30 years of coaching high-powered executives toward greater personal effectiveness, this small but power-packed gem serves up timeless wisdom to help you be remarkable—in your career, in your relationships, and in your life.

Kids Matter

Every parent wishes that newborns came with an instruction manual. This book guides parents through one aspect of raising their kids: creating wonderful, lasting relationships through conversation.

Meetings Matter
Meetings have become a pain point for millions. Many see them as useless sessions that take time away from meaningful tasks. But one consultant with more than 30 years of experience has a different perspective—that meetings matter and can be mastered.​​

Art Matters
Artist to Artist: Inspiration and Advice from Artists Past and Present brings together more than 1000 quotations from artists on 57 subjects — creativity to solitude, technique to talent.

Bringing In Horses by Suzy Conway

Poetry Matters
Bringing In Horses presents a sensitive narrative of a poet’s reckoning with life. Her intimate observations on horses, nature, friendship, love, death, and loss span continents and time and are woven with heart-centered awareness.

Inspiring words for making life brighter.

Publisher Cheryl McLean

With her extensive background in publishing, editing, and design, Cheryl McLean has helped her clients produce award-winning books and publications in a variety of subjects. With a bachelor's degree in English literature and a master's degree in journalism, her early career was as a freelance writer for Sunset Magazine, associate editor for the Oregon State University alumni magazine, and an editor for the university's Extension Service publications. She then taught writing and journalism at Western Oregon University and served as an advisor for student publications before setting out on her own. She is coauthor with her husband, Clint Brown, of Oregon's Quiet Waters: A Guide for Canoeists ad Other Paddlers and Drawing from Life, a college textbook in its third edition. She also wrote the first five editions of Fun with the Family in Oregon, published by Globe Pequot Press, and Careers for Shutterbugs and Other Candid Types for the National Textbook Service. Since 1979, she has been actively involved with CALYX: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, which was an excellent school for learning what it takes to create a book and get it to the marketplace.


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