Sacred Places: Words of Wisdom for Living on Earth

Sacred Places: Words of Wisdom for Living on Earth

An ideal gift for anyone in your life who needs a lift, a 'spark of the sublime' to soothe and inspire, to see the wisdom alive in the natural world and in the words of wise souls from the ages.

Sacred Places is a collection of quotations that share wisdom to inspire and soothe, to provoke thoughtful awareness of the world in which we live, and how we want to inhabit the planet. Each quote is paired with a photograph that resonates with the sagacity of the words. The ultimate purpose of the book is to provide solace and a deep sense of connection with nature. As one reader noted, "Sacred Places is a beautiful treasure shared with me a time I needed a spark of the sublime to warm and brighten my path.... I felt uplifted immediately."

About the Book
Publisher: Jackson Creek Press
Publication Year: 2023
ISBN: 9780943097336
List Price: 20.00
About the Author
Cheryl McLean

Cheryl McLean is the publisher for Jackson Creek Press and the co-author of Oregon's Quiet Waters and Drawing from Life. She is also the director of ImPrint Services, which supports authors in publishing their own books. She has worked with CALYX, A Journal of Art and Literature by Women, in various capacities since 1979. She has been collecting quotes and photographing what captures her eye while on walks or paddles in Nature, her church.

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